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Who contributed to the Real Men Wear Beige Sound Track?

  • Don Alfredano
    Don Alfredano

    Don is an author, musician and songwriter with a flair for music production and arrangement in almost any genre. His versatile musical background and tempestuous life experience add sparkle and realism to his latest book and soundtrack project  “Real Men Wear Beige.” 

  • Corey Glover
    Corey Glover

    As a founding member of the Grammy winning, platinum selling rock band Living Colour, the multi-talented Corey Glover has also issued albums as a solo artist and acted in movies and television.

  • Paul Pesco
    Paul Pesco

    Paul Pesco was the lead guitarist and musical director of the rock and soul duo Hall & Oates, He has also performed the same role for Daryl Hall’s successful reality music television program, Live From  Daryl’s House, and has toured with Hall’s solo band.

  • Andy Snitzer
    Andy Snitzer

    Prior to the release of his album “Ties that Bind” in 1994, Andy and mates Mike Davis and Kent Smith were asked to join the Rolling Stones on their 1994 world tour. Andy toured the world for 13 months with Mick and the boys, and did another 13 months again in 1997.

  • Kent Smith
    Kent Smith

    Kent Smith is an New York based trumpet player/arranger known for his work with The Rolling Stones and has recorded with Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow, among many others.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis

    Davis has worked with a variety of artists including The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, James Taylor and Frank Sinatra. A music entrepreneur, he is the founder of the Hip-Bone Music company and has written a dozen books for brass players of all levels.

  • Ron Bienstock
    Ron Bienstock

    As a performing and recording musician since 1972, Ron has performed extensively with various major recording artists. He continues to perform and record with “Blue East” and “QT Jazz Collective” (Transglobal Records) and “The Suits,” whose LPs on Viceroy Records secured them national tours and numerous TV appearances, including, “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” and CNBC.

  • Jay Dittamo
    Jay Dittamo

    Jay Dittamo is a drummer, percussionist, music composer and producer. He has played with acts such as Junoon, Band From Utopia, Willie Colón, Jimmy Webb, Chuck Berry, The Duprees, The Crests, The Marvellets, Bucky Pizzarelli, and Gloria Lynne

  • Karl Allweier
    Karl Allweier

    Karl Allweier a Hudson Valley, New York based guitarist / bassist who has been performing and recording in the area for over 20 years. He has composed music that has appeared on the A&E Channel’s Biography series, The Travel Channel Road Trip series, The History Channel’s Da Vinci Code and Big Texas documentaries, and others.

The Production

  • Michael James
      Michael James

      Michael James is an American record producer, mixing engineer, guitarist, and former A&R executive. James has produced and/or mixed albums for New Radicals, Too Much Joy, Hole, L7, Maia Sharp, and A.J. Croce, among others.

    • Paul Orofino
        Paul Orofino

        Paul Orofino

      • Roey Shamir
          Roey Shamir

          Roey Shamir is a seasoned music industry veteran with decades of experience in engineering, mixing, studio operations, and music creation. Roey is currently partners in a commercial recording studio facility named Area 51 NYC. The facility offers a diverse list of services such as recording, mixing in stereo and surround, mix to picture, voice over work, spoken word recording, and mastering.