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In Real Men Wear Beige, Donato Alfredano shares his experience of being thrust from a comfortable middle class life into the hellish existence of jail and prison life. Wending his way through the system as a white-collar inmate, Donato’s eye for detail and ability make this an eye-opening and informative read. Throughout his incarceration, Donato refuses to become just another number, trying to maintain his humanity while navigating a dangerous and tricky day-to-day existence, laden with potential booby traps and pitfalls.Donato states, “Only those who have experienced living behind bars are able to know the veritable depth of their fellow man and grasp the life-altering effect of being a prisoner.” In Real Men Wear Beige, Donato offers a glimpse of a world he knows that most readers will be lucky enough to never experience, but that has left him a changed man. It is not a long read, but a memorable one.

Definitely not your usual read and worth the time

Donato has a captivating writing style that gives you the feeling that you're having a conversation with him. He is exceedingly intelligent with an emotional intelligence/sensibility that keeps you engaged. His prison stories are balsy and insightful. In the part of the world I live in, apparently there are quite a few women whose husbands are 'away' (code word for prison). These men were away for stealing large amounts of money with no conscience. Donato does not fall into that category and seems to have been dealt a sentence that surpasses some of these men. The lyrics and accompanying soundtrack make this a multi-sensory experience. Definitely not your usual read and worth the time.

by Bridgette von Autenried on Real Men Wear Beige | Book & Soundtrack
A Fresh Perspective on the Criminal Justice System

Real Men Wear Beige provides a fresh perspective on the American criminal justice system. It shows the harsh realities of being incarcerated, and the loss of fundamental human rights. It also shows the vast differences in inmate treatment in different types of facilities. It is definitely worth reading!

by Jan Seedman Owner, Cadium Music Publishing on Real Men Wear Beige | Book & Soundtrack
Acutely informative and entertaining book

There are very few books that are both entertaining, yet acutely informative. Real Men Wear Beige is one of them.Donato Alfredano takes us on a step by step tour of today’s Correctional System from initial booking in jail, to the prison system itself, to review board for release, in a way that both draws you into this sick jungle of hypocrisy, while sending you the message that, in case you wanted to know how bad the Correctional System needs to be corrected, here’s the unvarnished truth - splinters and all.From official arrest to finally rejoining the free world, Alfredano seems to ensure that the reader does not miss one grueling moment of what it’s like to be in a cage, and how the zookeepers can be just as twisted as some of the animals behind bars that they guard. The ex-convict, more importantly, shares some important insights on how best to cope and survive the system, from legal maneuvers to conducting oneself while in the pit. Alfredano also, to his credit, freely admits to his own wrong-doing (white collar crime), which casts a blinding contrast to the system’s treatment of him while he is sharing the same space as some of the most violent inmates you’ve never heard of.Think of Real Men Wear Beige as the reading manual version of Red Asphalt for aspiring convicts: An important book which should be required reading for our younger generation and on the list of compulsory reading in our school systems.

by Michael James, Record Producer/Mixer (New Radicals, Hole, Robben Ford, L7, Edwin McCain) on Real Men Wear Beige | Book & Soundtrack
Personally fascinated by the story!

I was hooked from the moment I cracked open Real Men Wear Beige. Told from the perspective of a well educated, thoughtful, middle aged musician / public servant, Don Alfredano, who becomes embroiled in a purely political scandal and lands in the clink for cheating on his expense report, this book is a compelling account of just how quickly any of our lives can go south after a seemingly innocuous indiscretion.The book is also a survival guide for law abiding non-career-criminal types who, for whatever reason, may find themselves incarcerated. Alfredano conveys both the horror and humanity of jail and prison life, with enough levity and swashbuckling action to captivate the reader all the way through the final word. The imagery is so visual that I imagined I was watching a feature film while reading.I was personally fascinated by the story because I work in the recording industry, where rules are constantly and "innocently" bent with impunity simply for the sake of getting things done without a tangle of red tape. In the "real" world, however, music biz behavior could plausibly put one on the wrong side of the law. None of us in the biz would have a clue what to expect or how to survive. Alfredano's tale is a reality check, a reminder to have our behavior withstand intense scrutiny at all times and under all circumstances. Even if you're not planning to spend any time behind bars, this book is a terrific read and a great reminder of what is truly important in life.

by Robert Agnello - Emmy Award Winning Artist on Real Men Wear Beige | Book & Soundtrack
Informative and captivating

The author lays out a crisp and very stark picture of life behind bars. The things I've seen on TV or think I know about prison are nothing compared with the story told here in this engaging book. Each page made me want to read more. Informative and captivating in his style the author draws the reader into his life behind bars.